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Ink is a set of blockchain solutions based on global cultural industry. It seeks to solve many problems existing in the cultural content industry through the blockchain in order to achieve fast IP rights verification, free trade of cultural assets and barrier-free communication of values and information so as to build a new ecosystem for the global cultural industry.

Credible Sovereign Consortium Chain

The uniquely designed basic blockchain network for the specific cultural industry

Cultural Assets Trading Platform

IP assets trading platform, professional scouts, commercialized mechanism and token system

Copyright Assets Management

Blockchain copyright registration and protection, as well as one-stop digital cultural assets management system

Cross-Chain Interaction Protocol

Values and information can flow effectively between the public chain and the Consortium chain, and among those alliance chains.







  • An Innovative Solution for Pain Points in The Industry Ink team is oriented to the large-scale cultural industry. Through integration of resources, in-depth mining, Ink puts forward a concept of "a credible consortium chain for a specific cultural circle". Meanwhile Ink focuses on the original content industry, providing full-scale copyright products and services: an open platform for blockchain copyright registration, cultural assets management platform, IP assets trading platform, business incubation system, Ink BaaS service, cross-chain interaction protocol. Faced with the increasingly complex needs of the cultural and creative industries, you can apply a combination of copyright protection, assets management, trading, business incubation, etc. to any scenario at Ink.

  • An Open and Decentralized Content Industry Infrastructure Based on the Ink Consortium chain, Ink co-founders, developers, service providers and industry experts jointly build a blockchain infrastructure for cultural and creative industries. Original content verification services, the data service in the alternative real-name cultural industry or in the field of specific vertical subdivision, blockchain-based governmental or industrial public services, these all can be promoted through the good growth of Ink ecosystem.

  • A Breakthrough Innovation in The Cross-Chain Interaction Protocol For Sovereign Consortium chains, cross-chain interaction ability is the key to realize the value network. And Qtum, a public chain in the center Ink ecosystem naturally needs to become a bridge between value and information transmission. Therefore, the Ink cross-chain interaction protocol will first be effective between the Sovereign Consortium chain and Qtum. The protocol will enable the reliable assets transfer among chains. Later it will also include cross-chain oracle and contract interoperability.

  • A Solid, Secure and Reliable Technology System A top technology team makes every effort to build this system. It is open, scalable, and interoperable: have access to SDK, BaaS services. Module is pluggable, and cross-chain interaction achievements can be seen. A unique data storage mechanism is applied to separate storages of transaction data and content / business data among chains, and efficient link. Many efforts have been made for security and credibility: credible authoritative nodes, data transparency, open source code, audit and monitoring services.




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