Time Schedule and Subsequent Plans

  • Apr. Ziggurat tech, member of Ink council, received seed-round investment.

    Oct. Ziggurat IP Asset Management platform (ziggurat.cn) based on blockchain was launched.

    Dec. The number of original works registered on Ziggurat.cn surpassed 6000. More than 10 partnerships were formed with Ziggurat.

  • Mar. Founding team of Ink established the core mission and roadmap.

    Apr. Founding team of Ink received million-dollar angel investment, and the project entered a new phase.

    May. Founding team of Ink were invited to the Big Data Expo and signed Strategic Partnership with Guiyang Government in China.

    Jun. The official Ink team was established, with experts in blockchain, IP incubation, management and operation.

    Jul. Team Ink received multimillion-dollar Pre-A round financing.

    Sep. Ink Sovereign Consortium Blockchain entered testing phase.

    Oct. Whitepaper of Ink to be officially released

    Nov. Ink to complete international roadshow.

    Dec. Ink Sovereign Consortium Blockchain is officially online.

  • Jan. Release INK blockchain explorer.

    Feb. Release official INK wallet.

    Mar. Beta launch of IP Asset Exchange.

    Apr. Alpha test of INK cross-chain protocol

    Apr. INKubator crowdfunding platform (beta) launches

    May. INKubator trading platform (beta) launches

    May. INK sovereign consortium blockchain completes integration of Tendermint consensus

    May. INKchain Explorer (Beta) launches

    May. INK Blockchain As a Service (BaaS) platform - INKstone Beta 2.0 launches

    Jun. INKDApp - INKwork Beta launches

    Jun. INKDApps Store launches

    Jul. INKubator Crowdfunding Platform completes first IP crowdfunding

    Aug. INKubator Trading Platform officially starts IPToken trading

    Future Keep developing and incubating new applications for blockchain creative ecosystem 3.0 in the future